Cubs & Bulbuls

Cub: Any child aged between 5-10 years is eligible to become a member of the Cub-Pack. The child who wishes to join the cub-pack must exhibit his dedication towards the rules and regulation of the pack.

Selection Criteria: A maximum number of 24 students are be selected. These students are selected by a selection committee.

In case any student leaves the cub-pack then another student can be selected for the pack.

Following Pre-requisites are required:

  • Physical ability
  • Responsible attitude towards the school
  • Academic record

Mr. Kunj Bihari Menaria (Cub Master) and Mr. Mahendra Singh Jhala (Cub Master) are responsible for training and coaching of the cub-pack.

Ms. Sana Khanam, Ms. Nida Khan Pathan (Bulbul Flock Leader) give training to the bulbul girls.

The training is given twice a week.

At times on special occasions extra time is given for trekking, social work, picnics, camping, awareness rally for education the children of the cub-pack.

Note: For further information, contact the Cub Masters and Bulbul Flock leaders.